Homeland – “The Yoga Play”

The Entertainment Blur

Season Three, Episode Five


Grade: B-

Last week we find out that Carrie being called out by Saul and then staying at the psych ward was all a plan to extract the Magician from wherever he’s been staying. This week we get a closer glance at what kind role Carrie’s playing, and it’s a lot of fun.

Carrie’s being watched by Javadi’s men, plus Quinn who’s just trying to keep her safe. By the way, Quinn’s reaction when Saul tells him about Carrie is priceless. For the most part, Carrie’s half of the episode was real good. She’s obviously still going through all the mental trauma of the psych ward, but she’s also doing her best to prepare herself for when she’s going to be face-to-face with the man they suspect to be in charge with the Langley bombing. She’s distracted though, by Jessica Brody knocking on her door…

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